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Clever ideas, great suggestions and practical garage door tips for all types of mechanisms! Click here and go through our tips! They are simple, yet helpful! They will help you deal with problems and handle sudden issues, which could put your safety in jeopardy.

  • Inspect the garage door visually

    Good garage door inspections give you the chance to know in what condition your overhead door is in. Since, garage door repairs by homeowners are not recommended for safety reasons, it's best to refrain from engaging in such tasks. Though, you can visually check garage door parts in order to see whether tracks have bent sections or the springs sag.

  • New doors and new tracks

    Whenever you replace your garage doors, make sure to replace the track as well. Some homeowners skip this to save money, but our Garage Door Repair Jupiter experts say it's better to buy new tracks as well. The door and the track should always complement each other. Doors should fit the tracks perfectly, and the track should be able to handle the door's weight well.

  • Prepare garage doors before painting them

    The most important phase during garage door painting is preparation. If you skip that part, chances are you won't succeed. It's important to sand well the surface, cover cavities and smooth bumps, so that the paint will be applied smoothly. It's also vital to cover garage door parts to protect them from the paint.

  • Garage door brackets

    The garage door's springs are usually connected to the bottom brackets and they are under extreme tension. These should not be tampered with at all. Most manufacturers now design tamper proof brackets that cannot be easily opened by someone who is not trained in the field.

  • The Need for Regular Maintenance

    Every now and then, you need to have your garage door checked. This is a preventive solution so that you won’t experience total garage door failure. Replacing your old door with a new garage door is more expensive than just doing simple repairs. When small problems are found, they should be dealt with immediately.

  • How to clean the door panel

    The most important thing is to check the surface of the garage door for rust. You can scrub rust off when you're washing the door with water, soft liquid soaps and a soft sponge. Don't use too much water on wood panels and clean the door in a sunny day, so that it can dry faster.

  • Get the right repair parts

    When you are about to replace some parts of the mechanism, make sure you get the right garage door repair parts. The specialists of our service provider in Jupiter remind you that garage door parts are made in different sizes and each mechanism would need similar but different components. Make sure to get the right ones.

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