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  • Is an insulated garage door worth investing in?

    If you have an attached garage, this type of door will make your home more energy-efficient. The insulated door is also a good choice for households that use the garage for activities as well as for storage. You should try to estimate the savings which it would bring you and compare them against the cost. Keep in mind that there is a huge variety of insulated units so there is a considerable price variation too.

  • What are the pros and cons of nylon garage door rollers?

    Their major advantage is that they make opening and closing much quieter. Additionally, they don’t require lubrication maintenance. In fact, most lubricants can damage them. Their biggest disadvantage compared to steel rollers is that they are not as durable. Evaluate them carefully to make the right decision regarding your overhead door.

  • How can I tell if my garage door spring simply needs adjusting?

    If a spring has too much or too little tension, the doors will either close or open too quickly. Test this by opening the doors half way and see if they tend to close or open on their own when let go. Adjusting high tension springs can be a dangerous job, so it is usually best to have professionals take a look at them.

  • Which clicker is best for me?

    It's best to select clickers according to your needs. People with multiple openers should choose a multicode remote. Otherwise, you can get a simple clicker. Just make sure it works with rolling code technology. If you don't want to carry remotes, get a wireless garage door keypad.

  • How can I clean the remote?

    Remote controls are very important tools and ought to be very clean according to Garage Door Repair Jupiter. Open the cover at the back side and remove the dust from the inner circuit. Use a slightly wet sponge to wipe off the dirt from the buttons.

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